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Student ID Discounts & Deals Cheatsheet

We've compiled this list of popular businesses that you will most likely get discounts at if you flash your student id, along with other tips for living on a budget. Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity, the savings add up! Note that every location of the businesses on this list may have different policies, so make sure you ask about the discount everytime you're shopping somewhere new.

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  • TEXTBOOKS: - compares prices between your bookstore and online options like Amazon/eBay/Chegg/etc. so you can be sure you're getting the best deal on your textbooks. Most people don't realize how easy it is to save money on textbooks, so they overspend. Don't do that! (SlugBooks is created by the same people who brought you CollegePackingList)

  • AMAZON STUDENT: Amazon Student (click here) is Amazon's student loyalty program that gives college students exclusive discounts. It's free to join and you get Amazon Prime benefits for the first six months (that means free two day shipping everyone!). Again, signing up is FREE, and Amazon is probably going to be your go to source for almost anything you need in college! It's a no brainer.

  • SHOES FOR COLLEGE: These are some online shoe providers that give you great deals:
    - Zappos (click here) - hands down, this is everyone's favorite source for shoes/handbags/clothing. They have the best customer service ever - if you order something and it doesn't fit, send it back and get a refund, no questions asked.
    - ShoeDazzle (click here) - Take a free style quiz, then ShoeDazzle gives you recommendations based on your personalized style. It's a subscription for shoes - you'll get a new pair of shoes every month that match your style. A relatively cheap way to stay fashionable.

  • MOVIES: AMC Theaters Cheap Student’s Thursdays (show your id, get a discount!):

  • CLOTHING/APPAREL: The following apparel stores give discounts anywhere from 10%-20% if you show your student id:
    - Ann Taylor*
    - Ann Taylor Loft*
    - Banana Republic*
    - Club Monaco*
    - Charlotte Russe*
    - Madewell*
    - J.Crew*
    - Rugby (Ralph Lauren)*
    - The Limited*
    - Urban Outfitters*
    *make sure you check with each of these places before you get to the checkout counter - student discount policies can change.

  • PIZZA: Dominos always has deals in college areas. Call them to hear the specials!

  • PRINTER INK: (created by the makers of CollegePackingList) - just like SlugBooks, but instead of textbooks, you compare prices on printer ink to make sure you're getting the best deal. Printer ink really isn't expensive if you shop around.

  • APPLE: Ask for the education discount, save ~8%! (in participating Apple stores)

  • MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE: The College Edition’s only $99.99 (pc/mac)

  • AAA MEMBERS: You get TONS of discounts with your membership card:

  • FAST FOOD: The following fast food restaurants give discounts of around 10% if you show your student id:
    - McDonalds
    - Subway
    - Burger King
    - Qdoba
    - Dairy Queen
    - Dunkin’ Donuts
    (in participating locations)

  • TRAVEL: Nothing beats Southwest Airlines, but STA Travel is another good site to check for exclusive student discounts and deals (sometimes STA partners with American Airlines to offer even better discounts than you can get at their site.

  • GYM: 24-Hour Fitness has student deals in most locations if you don’t like working out in your school’s health center!